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Ethical Marketing–Slow and Quiet Branding (Thunder Talks #7)

Hello, fellow marketer! It’s good to have you with me. Your presence here tells me you're heading in the right direction. Like many of us, you're probably tired of all the loud and pushy marketing out there. What you're after is something silent. Slow. Quiet. Ethic.

Slow and quiet marketing in a world full of noise

In these times dominated by change and digital noise, taking a simple and ethical approach to marketing is more important than ever. It's not just about making sales or quick profits. It's about forming real, long-lasting connections with our communities and the world around us.

To help you grasp this better, we've gathered some basic principles and values of ethical marketing, along with insights into the benefits of slow and quiet branding.

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When Does Marketing Become Ethical?

This shift is vital because ethical marketing isn't just about selling stuff—it's about being a force for good, in tune with our values and society's well-being. It's about how we sell the dream of our products or services to folks out there.

Marketing gets ethical when we walk the talk. It's not about empty promises; it's about delivering real, consistent value.

It's when we step up to a bigger plate—not just to make sales, but to make a positive impact in the world. It's about giving back, not just raking in profits.

And it's not just about what we say. It's about how we say it. Being open and transparent about our methods builds trust and keeps people coming back for more.

It's a good vibe, with values like fairness, honesty, responsibility, and transparency at its heart.

Fairness means playing by the rules and treating everyone square. Honesty is all about keeping it real and avoiding the hype. Responsibility means thinking about the bigger picture and the impact of our actions. Transparency means being upfront and honest about what we're about, building trust with our audience.

4 Principles of Ethical Marketing 

We’ve discovered these principles through the wisdom shared by Seth Godin in his book “This is Marketing”.

Here, I made this.

Many of us are probably tired of seeing ad after ad with pop-ups screaming "hey, buy this product". How about if we approach a simpler strategy, where we just communicate to the community "Here, I made this"? Only that. Let's say what we did without trying to pressure them into buying our product with pushy messages.

When marketing a product, remember these words. The more we tell them and the more we give them, the more art and connection we create.

People like us do things like this.

Based on your needs, you create a product/service and then start looking for people like you. Do you want to make a change in the work culture? Then you look for those people who do such things. You build and grow your tribe with people like you, and you don't waste your time trying to change people who don't want to.

More than features, more than benefits, we are motivated to become an active member in our tribe. We want to be respected by those we aspire to connect with, we want to know what we should do to be a part of that circle. We do not adhere to the norms of the mass, but to the norms of our chosen tribe. Because people like us do things like that.

First, ten

You can't make everyone love your product. It's a simple but true fact. People have different needs and tastes. You have to understand this. And for starters, if you have 10 loyal people, congratulations because you're already on the right track. Seth says to find ten people. Ten people who trust you, respect you, need you, and listen to you. Those ten people need or want what you have to sell them. And if they like it, you win. If they like it, they'll each find you ten more people (or a hundred or a thousand or maybe just three).

Find ten people who trust, respect and listen to you

Your concept is catching on. Your company is expanding. It's not as rapid as you hoped, but it's surpassing your wildest expectations. This method alters the stance and pace of all your actions. You're no longer reaching out to faceless crowds. You're targeting only those willing to back your idea. Just like this small group of ten.

Create valuable products

And the most crucial part? Create something amazing. If you don't have an outstanding product, you'll have a hard time marketing it. It's essential to focus on creating something remarkable–a solution that addresses real needs and resonates with our audience on a profound level.

Without a remarkable product, all the marketing tricks in the world won’t help. Keep it simple, build connections, and craft something truly valuable. 

That’s the essence of ethical marketing, and it can transform not just your business, but your whole outlook on marketing.

Slow and Quiet Branding

Ethics in marketing and this type of branding go hand in hand.

Imagine all of humanity speaking simultaneously right now. It would be a terrible noise. That's the sound of the internet. Since giving people and brands a multitude of ways to express themselves, communication has become a battle where everyone is constantly shouting to be heard. But nobody listens. There is an absolute imbalance between the demand and supply of information. It's time to change direction–it's time for slow & quiet branding.

It's an approach that urges us to slow down, connect deeply, and create experiences that stand the test of time. Slow and quiet branding isn't just about being visible or loud—it's about being conscious and intentional. It's about building genuine and lasting relationships with our audience, rather than trying to grab attention at all costs. It is about delivering a clear and valuable message at a pace that allows it to be absorbed and penetrate the souls of those who receive it.

In this chaotic world, where we are bombarded with information and stimuli from all directions, slow and quiet branding guides us to a deeper form of connection. It is a cry of resistance against the superficiality and noise that surrounds us, inviting us to return to the essence of things and rediscover the purpose and meaning in what we do.

The most valuable things come in simple, quiet packages

Slow and quiet branding doesn't mean we sit back and wait to be discovered. Rather, it means taking the time to build thoroughly, connect with our audience in an authentic way, and deliver real value in every interaction. It's about assuming a less aggressive but deeper and stronger presence.

It's about remembering that sometimes, the most valuable things come in simple, quiet packages.

Ethics in Marketing and Branding

So, how do you feel about ethical marketing and branding? Is it something you’re eager to embrace or perhaps you’ve been inadvertently practicing it all along without realizing it? Either way, ethical marketing isn’t just a thing of the moment–it’s the future. It’s the mindset that all customers have been waiting for.

By embracing ethical practices, you’re not only doing the right thing, but you’re also laying the groundwork for long-term success. Just think about it. When customers believe in what you stand for and trust your brand, they’ll keep coming back for more. That’s the power of authenticity in action.

Sure, it might sound idealistic, but, hey, greatness takes time to create. Every small step we take towards ethical marketing is a step in the right direction. And let’s face it. Perfection is overrated anyway.


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