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Thunder 2023: It's not a wrap; it's a part of something more meaningful

2023 was a year of evolution. Innovation. Creativity. Meaningful work. Filled with countless experiences. Each day was a new chapter, and every challenge was an opportunity for growth.

2023 at Thunder

The journey wasn't without its twists and turns. It wasn’t easy. But it wasn’t hard either. Because when the right people surround you, hard things don’t seem unbreakable anymore. The synergy of minds, unity of purpose and shared commitment to progress turned obstacles into triumphs.

This year, we began building a stronger community—it was all about growing together. We organized various events, and every action we took aimed to share knowledge and contribute to the development of our community.

It's not the end; it's the beginning. We're not wrapping up a year—we're opening the door to something new. Thunder 2023 wasn't just a moment. It's the kick-off of our efforts moving forward, ready for whatever comes next.

Gifted over 2000 books

Yeah, you’ve read it right. This year, we achieved a remarkable milestone by distributing over 2000 books. A substantial number found new homes, adding a touch of excitement to the act of sharing knowledge. Whether it was the thrill of winning a giveaway or the joy of receiving a surprise package at our events, the enthusiasm was contagious.

Our commitment to spreading knowledge went beyond physical events. Every month, we chose a member of The Thunder Way Newsletter and sent a package containing self-development books.

Thunder gifted over 2000 books

The importance of books cannot be overstated. These books serve as powerful tools for self-improvement, offering insights, wisdom, and practical knowledge that can be applied to real-life situations. They stimulate critical thinking, broaden perspectives, and empower individuals with the information needed to navigate an ever-evolving world.

By sharing these books, we aimed not only to provide access to valuable information but also to foster a culture of continuous learning and generosity within our community.


Whether we were talking about personal growth, work life, or the joy of reading in our book clubs, every event showed how strong and close our community is. It was a year full of chances to learn and grow, all wrapped up in the shared excitement of moving forward together toward a better, more connected tomorrow.

5 editions of Thunder Talks

In 2023, we celebrated the success of organizing five editions of Thunder Talks. Starting small and finishing big, our journey began with a modest 10 participants and concluded the year with over 50 attendees. Along the way, we connected with individuals from diverse industries, all sharing a common passion for self-development. The exchange of ideas and experiences was enriching, and we gathered valuable insights from each encounter.

Five editions of Thunder Talks

And we ensured that we give our best to help them in the process of kickstarting their career, understanding the power of company culture in their lives, seeing the true leadership, empowering their path to financial independence, and awakening their full potential.

10 Bookclubs

To make reading more enjoyable for everyone, we set up 10 book club gatherings. Our book club became a cozy spot where folks not only shared their favorite books but also talked about what they learned from them. It was a happy time, celebrating the joy of reading and the cool ideas everyone brought to our community. 

Thunder Bookclubs

It's more than just swapping book names; it's about sharing stories and lessons, turning our reading adventures into a shared journey. These gatherings were a reminder that in our love for books, we find not just good reads but also great pals who enjoy the magic of words as much as we do.

3 Thunder Lounge Events

The Thunder Lounge events were crafted as a hub for those seeking direction in their professional journey, guidance in personal development, or a tranquil space to connect with like-minded individuals.

Thunder Lounge events

Designed to be a comfortable space for engaging conversations, it provided an avenue for participants to share experiences, talk about challenges, and forge meaningful connections with fellow travelers on the path of growth. And, as a delightful bonus, everyone left the event with a book in hand!

Thunder Mentorship

Understanding the challenges of finding mentors, many of us grapple with the absence of guiding figures in our development journey. In response, we initiated free mentoring sessions to offer advice on careers, self-development, and everything in between.

Thunder Mentorship

It's a source of pride that we've conducted over 200 meetings with students and individuals in the mentoring program, creating a space where skills are cultivated, growth is fostered, and people are empowered to reach their fullest potential. These sessions are a realization of our goal to help others, a reflection of our belief in the incredible impact mentorship can have on personal and professional journeys.

The Thunder Way Newsletter

Delivering approximately 50 messages to our newsletter community, The Thunder Way Newsletter stands as a space where we share reflections, ideas, and insights on building habits, achieving goals, and embracing a life filled with fulfillment and joy. 

The Thunder Way Newsletter

In each message, we strive to leave a piece of ourselves, sharing experiences that have shaped us and offering guidance on how to become the people we aspire to be. It's our way of extending a helping hand to anyone seeking direction toward self-discovery and personal growth.


We were fortunate to welcome two remarkable people, Anastasia Sucitu and Florina Vlad, to our dev team this year. These two enthusiastic souls stood out with their passion for creating meaningful work and crafting digital masterpieces.

Thunder Web Internship

After two months of collaboration, we are profoundly grateful that they chose to join our team and express their desire to continue their professional journey with us. Both Anastasia and Florina showcase not only a passion for their work but also a strong commitment to personal and professional growth. As we reflect on the future, we eagerly anticipate contributing to more meaningful work together.


It’s hard to explain how engaged are our developers in the work they do. They went above and beyond this year, tackling projects with tight deadlines. We witnessed their dedication as they worked weekends and stayed late in meetings, pouring every ounce of themselves into eliminating bugs and crafting exceptional applications. 

While this year was significant, the next one promises to be even more substantial. Ongoing projects, new opportunities, and discussions with customers worldwide are on the horizon. We are enthusiastic about the prospect of helping them create outstanding digital experiences for their users.


Following the "work hard—play hard" vibe, we made sure to balance work with experiences. 2023 was a year filled with adventures, from the local charm of Hunedoara, Timisoara, and Sibiu to the fresh air of Slovakia and the exotic allure of Abu Dhabi.

Thunder Experiences

These experiences not only provided a break but also inspired our team with fresh perspectives and creative energy for the tasks ahead.

This is a section about the voice behind the words

Well, I can't go without mentioning that this year marked the special occasion when Thunder welcomed a writer into their team. Now, in this section, I'm not writing from Thunder's perspective but from mine.

Working with these remarkable people wasn't just the best thing that happened to me; it was, hands down, the most significant event in my entire career. Stepping into the Thunder team felt like finding the most welcoming place, an instant feeling of home. Within a month, I had this sense that I was meant to be here as if I'd been a part of this team forever.

In this culture crafted by people who strive to infuse meaning into their work, I've discovered a purpose in what I do, and every effort is driven by passion and supported by an amazing team. Now, my work has true significance. It's about my colleagues, and it's about YOU. Yes, you—the one standing by my side in this very moment, reading these words. I hope I served you well, my kings and my queens!

Goals for 2024

As we set our sights on 2024, Thunder aims to introduce new and larger events while continuing our mission to distribute more books. Our journey of evolution persists, guided by a commitment to meaningful work, shared experiences, and a community that fuels our collective growth.

In the next year, we want our events to be even better—places where everyone can come together, share ideas, and connect. We're focused on making our community even more diverse and bringing in new ideas. At the same time, we're sticking to our goal of giving out books, making sure the knowledge we share is not just a lot but really good.

As we step into 2024, Thunder is still all about doing work that matters, creating experiences together, and building a community where everyone plays a part in our growth.


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