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Our web pages use cookies and similar online identifiers (generically called cookies). Continuing to browse this site represents your acceptance of the use of cookies.

What are cookies and how are they used?

In this section you will find information about what cookies are, for what purpose they are used and what are the implications for visitors, as a result of accepting the cookies used by this site.

Cookies are small files, generally made up of a string of characters, or parts of a file, which when accessing a website are saved in the browser used by the computer, phone, tablet or any other device through which the respective site is accessed online. At each subsequent access to the site, the browser used sends this file to the server of the respective site, in order to allow the identification of a visitor who has returned to the site.

In general, websites use cookies to facilitate providing visitors with functionalities that cannot be provided without them by the http protocol, a text-type protocol that is most often used to access online information from servers Web (www). These functionalities consist of managing user sessions, keeping an authenticated session, keeping preferences on a visited page (for example, aspects related to the functionality or graphic display of pages), keeping products in a shopping basket and others.

When you access the site as a visitor, a cookie is sent to your internet browser and saved on your computer's hard drive, but you can block the saving of cookies by changing your browser settings.

Cookies can store information that has a personal character (for example, visitor identification code, personalized preferences or a history of visited pages). This information is not generated by cookies, but by the visitor, when he fills in online forms. Although cookies are stored in the memory of the computer, phone, tablet or any other device used to access a website, cookies cannot access or read other information stored in that device.

Cookies are not viruses, they are not compiled as code and cannot be executed. Consequently, they cannot self-copy, they cannot spread to other networks to generate certain actions and they cannot be used to spread viruses.

Depending on the duration, cookies can be session cookies or persistent cookies: Session cookies have a temporary storage duration, limited only to the duration of the session in which a certain visitor accesses the site. When closing the session or the browser, all stored information is deleted.

Persistent cookies are stored in the device used by the visitor for a variable length of time (longer than the duration of the session) and are not deleted when the session or the browser is closed, but when the respective duration expires.

What cookies does this site use?

This site uses session cookies as well as persistent cookies. The cookies used by this site are both own cookies and third-party cookies, which allow us to ensure the functionality of the site and to understand the needs and requirements of site visitors, in order to improve their experience in browsing the site, with the aim of ensuring the use of the services offered through this site under the best conditions.
Cookies are used for the purpose of analyzing the traffic and performance of the website monitored and accessed by the visitor.

The site contains "tracking cookies", which record the web preferences of users, helping the owners of web applications to offer their visitors appropriate content and/or differentiated advertisements. The web pages use tracking cookie services to personalize and improve the relationship established through the use of this site by visitors (for example, for quick access to information of interest, optimization of navigation menus, etc.). The collected data is general statistical information.

In order to analyze the traffic and performance of this site, as well as to optimize its content, we use analysis tools provided by Google Analytics, a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Analytical cookies collect and store information about the pages accessed, information about the visitors' browser and devices, as well as about how to access the website and the behavior of visitors on several channels, the duration of the visit to the site, information about the visits on the website. This information helps us analyze how the pages are used (including regarding the most visited pages as well as the difficulties that may appear during navigation), the interaction with the pages and the navigation options of the visitors on the site, the traffic generated on the site by our advertising campaigns. The analyzed characteristics are anonymized, so that they do not allow the identification of visitors at the individual level (also known as web measurement indicators).

More information about the use of cookies by Google Analytics can be found here:

More information about security principles and data protection in Google Analytics can be found here:

Google Inc., the owner of the tools used to analyze the traffic and performance of this site, is an ISO 27001 certified company in Information Security Management.

More information about Google Inc. certification. can be found here:

More details about Google Analytics can be found here:

This site uses cookies to control and optimize internet advertising. In order to provide you with relevant information about our products and services, we use cookies that tell us what information visitors access on the site. We also use this information for the purpose of serving retargeting campaigns relevant to your interests in our advertising campaigns.

Advertising cookies are placed by our advertising partners and their advertising servers in the device used to access this site. These cookies allow online advertising platforms such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads Manager, DoubleClick Bid Manager by Google, Gemius, Adform to collect information about your visits to our website and other websites so that they can offer advertising related to your interests and needs. We also use these cookies for the purpose of serving relevant retargeting campaigns adapted to your interests and needs.

To have control over the information that Google, Gemius, Adform and Facebook use to show you relevant ads, access the links below:

Double Click by Google:

The data collected through cookies are transferred to the representatives of the company, as well as to Google (Analytics, Tag Manager) - to the following states in the EU/EEA or outside the EU/EEA mentioned at the following addresses:

For detailed information on the processing of personal data by Google, access the following link:
If you do not agree with the use of cookies, you can block any cookie in your browser settings. Web browsers offer functionality to set the level of information security, allowing visitors to opt for their preferences not to be recorded, so you can block the use of any cookie by changing your browser settings. To use the facilities for setting the cookie acceptance level, in most cases, access the "Settings" / "Internet options" section, the "Confidentiality and security" / "Privacy" sub-section from the browser menu. Depending on the browser used, these steps may be different.

At any time you want, you can delete the cookies stored in the device you are using, by accessing the "Settings" / "Safety" section, the "Confidentiality and security" / "Delete browsing history" sub-section from the browser menu. Depending on the browser used, these steps may be different.

The rights provided by the data protection legislation

The visitors of this site benefit from all the rights provided by the legislation on the protection of personal data, as follows:


  • the right to information;

  • the right of access to data;

  • the right to rectification;

  • the right to data deletion ("the right to be forgotten");

  • the right to restrict processing;

  • the right to data portability;

  • the right of opposition to data processing;

  • the right not to be subject to an automated individual decision;

  • the right to address the National Supervisory Authority for the Processing of Personal Data or the competent courts.

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