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We always had this dream, to create a strong and trustworthy team that works towards a common vision, while overcoming obstacles and enjoying the journey.

So, with this desire inside, one day we decided to put ourselves at service and we jumped. We promised ourselves to always be chasing better and work hard to create things that make an impact.



We believe that as a company it’s important to put people first, to show and manifest respect for those who join the journey and work with purpose every day.


Our focus is to build a strong team with creative individuals, who are eager to develop themselves at high technical and personal standards. 


We always strive to create a united, growth-friendly environment, where people feel free to express their creativity and share their vision with the team.


We believe that work without a meaning cannot lead to fulfillment. We envision a long journey ahead, full of inspiration and purpose for every one of us.




Adrian Puiu

  • LinkedIn

Leader & Full Stack Engineer

Adi is our certified tech enthusiast, who successfully manages to intertwine his logical side with his genuine empathy for every person who's part of the team. Smart, compassionate and inspiring, he elevates our team with his ideas and heartfelt mentorship.

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Cris Pop

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Leader & Full Stack Engineer

A visionary who doesn't believe in limits, Cris 
strives to offer the best of what he has to the people around him. He believes in the human potential and in the power of service above self, aiming to let as many people as possible know that "through giving we shall receive".

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Anda Bolojan

  • LinkedIn

Business Operations Lead

Our "office-mom" always on the go, Anda aspires to shape her potential through an ongoing, life-long process, holding the belief that the transformation we seek externally will come through the work that each of us will be willing to do, with ownership, internally.

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Rectangle 116.png

Anda Sărăcuț

Creative Designer

Meet Anda, our captain-tasty and creative genius, who is always ready for a new challenge, a good book and ... to take a piece of your yummy snack. Reliable, organized and a wonderful listener, she reminds us that work takes the colour of our soul. Hers is pink.

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Andreea Popa

Content Writer

Andreea is our enthusiastic and energetic bomb, who loves interacting with other people. A passionate traveler, always up for spontaneous adventures, even at 4 in the morning. She enjoys learning from diverse areas and embraces change with open arms.

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Florina Vlad

Full Stack Engineer

Florina brings a rhythmic touch to both code and life. She’s the kind of human who ignites a spark in every project. A true advocate for giving back, she loves volunteering and engages in every community initiative we organize.

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Rectangle 118.png
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Manuela Călbază

Full Stack Engineer

Manuela is not only the best cook on the team, but also one of the most organized and devoted developers you'll meet, always ready to challenge you for a morning run. She is a hard-worker, driven by her ambition to deliver top quality services and surpass herself daily.

Rectangle 122_edited.png
Rectangle 122.png

Horațiu Groza

Full Stack Engineer

Horațiu is definitely one of the most serene and untroubled person you'll ever meet. He has a catching sense of humor, making everyone around him feel comfortable. He is always keen to develop his skills and acquire expertise, perceiving challenges as a chance for growth.

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Rectangle 127.png
  • LinkedIn

Iuliana Pap

Full Stack Engineer

Iuli is our hard-working, disciplined and ambitious super-girl, always determined when it comes to solving problems. She is kind, supportive and empathetic, ready at all times to make your day better just by observing her colorful collection of happy socks.

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Rectangle 121.png

Cosmin Artene

Full Stack Engineer

Cosmin is one of the most compassionate and trustworthy people you will meet. With a calm personality and an open mind, he effortlessly forges remarkable connections. An extremely dedicated, adaptable and lively person, who brings his „utopia” wherever he goes.

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Rectangle 124.png

Eduard Kover

Full Stack Engineer

Edi is one of the most driven, disciplined and hardworking people we know, who believes in the power of giving up temporary pleasures for long-term results. His ambition resides in his ongoing quest to become better than he was yesterday.

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Rectangle 126.png

Vlad Țugui

Full Stack Engineer

A guy with a contagious laugh, Vlad will ingnite in others that optimistic approach to life that he lives by every day. He develops his skills with ease, interest and perseverance, being that friendly individual who is welcoming to all people, regardless of surface differences.

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