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We are really grateful that over the years we've got the chance to work on a lot of incredible projects.


We wanted to feel that our work is put at use towards a meaningful goal, therefore we tried to get involved in projects that were focused on bringing a lot of value to the market.

Here are some of them.


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A platform that digitizes the entire banking interaction between the banking employee and the client of the bank. Basically, it’s an online bank available directly on your phone or from the internet browser.

It was built based on bank customers' feedback with a bold focus on making all the features extremely simple to use by any kind of user.

Not only that, but at the same time it was made to be very secure and bulletproof when it comes to bridging or any kind of cyber attack.​​

Some of the main implemented features:

  • Strong security layers and mechanisms.

  • Web-views functionalities within the mobile application.

  • Smart and dynamic forms based on complex business logic.

  • Specific and custom-made analysis on user’s in-app behavior and route mapping.

  • Customizable widgets, tables, and pages based on personal preferences.



This project is an enterprise level application that helps companies with the unemployment


The project can be split into 5 major modules: admin portal offers features for content managers to create and manage their pages, packages, activities, events, resources, and to make a rich and dynamic application for their users.

Candidate portal is intended for users who seek employment or specialization, being able to attend courses, training and events, counseling, and job interviews.


In the Counselor portal, counselors can attend multiple candidates, educate, help, and encourage them to reach their intended target, to get a new job. ​

The Client portal is dedicated to the clients that require the services provided by this application to seek new workforce and candidates for their available roles.


Finally, the Business portal is only intended for top management, CEOs, containing charts and financial data obtained using an AI, so they can have a better understanding of how their business is doing and how much money they are saving or losing.



The goal of the platform is to help people who are using one of the company’s gadget (and not only them) to find and share outdoor activities such as trail running, bouldering, canoeing, etc.

It allows you to easily find your next outdoor adventure based on your preferred activities and/or places and provides multiple useful information related to all the activities.

You can find simple data like distance and time to complete, or the exact map of the adventure and even other people’s reviews.

The platform also offered multiple features for the company’s gadget, for example: SOS emergency calls, instant messaging communication, and real time location tracking.

Some of the main implemented features:

  • Real time location tracking displayed on the web application.

  • Advanced user management system with multiple access layers.

  • Locations clustering with detailed possibility to filter and display specific results.

  • In-app rewarding system with gamification logic oriented towards building a community around the product and the application.

  • Cross-platform, futuristic, and advanced UX/UI features.

  • Specific web-view rendered functionalities used within the mobile app.

  • Advanced CEO setup for top ranking within search engines.



A platform where you can build up a website from scratch without any programming knowledge just using already built-in widgets, components, and visuals and simply put them together with drag-and-drop functionalities and plug-and-play features.

Comes with pre-implemented website templates which can be customized from all points. 

Provides cross-platform implementations and responsive design for all the usable components.

The goal was to create a platform where simple professionals from all kinds of domains could come and build a website for their business or side hustle within hours.

Some of the main implemented features:

  • Multiple generic features ready to plug and play in any website, such as: blog, newsletter, product page, shop, push notifications, etc.

  • A page builder canvas where the user can simply drag and drop components, play with their position, dimensions, design, and much more.

  • Continuous deployment of the website based on the user’s publish action.

  • A very complex UX and UI interface on the page builder side of the application.



A platform built to allow the internal usage of an email workspace for educational purposes.


It also comes with a restricted access, being an in-house application that is not open to be used by outside users, being protected with multiple layers of security.

Besides the known email-like functionalities, the platform comes with extra features.

They are built based on the specific needs of the team that uses it, such as different ways to create email groups based on real life use cases.

Some of the main implemented features:

  • Advanced and customizable permissions group system.

  • Different ways of creating users emailing groups and sets.

  • Template builder for emails that also comes with pre-implemented templates.

  • Scheduler for automatically sending emails.

  • User-based priority customizable system.

  • Built-in smart text editor with multiple company-specific features.



Fully integrated web and mobile applications that provide advanced ways to handle multiple business aspects in a smarter and faster way.

Makes managing a company much easier, providing simple-to-use features that are made for aspects like accounting, financial, community, personal and company goals, events scheduling, future planning, or workflow management.

The whole point was to have a single place where all areas of a business are handled and where important information can be stored and easily found at any point in the future.

Some of the main implemented features:

  • Workflow management systems such as kanban boards or scrum planning.

  • Invoice management and archiving tool with the ability to generate multiple analyses on the files.

  • Employee management tool with features like working goals, company roles, attributes within the members, financial statistics, or performance indicators.

  • A brainstorming place to be used to mock and put down different ideas, plans, or problem-solving structures.

  • Poll options to determine a group choice for specific questions or topics.

  • Work time tracker that generates individual or team timesheets for any specific period of time with customizable details.



A complete management tool for any library. It moves the entire user interaction within an ecosystem of applications: one on the user's phone, and some others that are on the library’s side. 

Provides features like renting a book, reserving a place in the library’s reading room, or checking available titles directly from your mobile app.

On the other hand, it comes with a lot of features for the management of the library, such as: books inventory and details, books positioning within the library, a way to sell books, and multiple analyses and graphics.

Some of the main implemented features:


  • Smart inventory system with an easy way to manage the entries.

  • Reservation tool for renting or reading books.

  • Real time analysis on multiple topics with a user-friendly interface.

  • Employees management tool with the accounting aspect built-in.

  • Building access based on unique access tokens using the mobile application.



A Google Chrome extension built on top of Slack that provides multiple useful features that were specifically implemented towards a company need.

This extension offers a lot of extra features that are not found within the original Slack desktop, mobile, or web applications. Those features were implemented based on the company’s needs.


Those features were implemented based on the company’s needs and using a lot of input from its employees to make it as valuable as possible.

The main point was to simplify the way some of the employees kept track of different discussions, files, or group meetings.

Some of the main implemented features:

  • Advanced search and filter functionalities on big amounts of data.

  • Complex analysis based on used features within the Slack specific channels.

  • An easy way to link Slack to multiple third parties and to customize the way Slack interacts with them.

  • Smart and customizable clean up features for unused files, channels, or messages.

  • Simple multi-workspace interface that allows you to link multiple Slack accounts.



It’s a monitoring tool for sys-admins that allows them to supervise an ecosystem of desktops, laptops, Raspberry PIs, and many other devices.

The tool allows access to different types of data inside the devices. By data, we mean real time analytics for hardware and software components, periodic tests results regarding the device’s performance and its state of working.

It is used with a main purpose to put together a bunch of data in order to analyze and determine how a device performance is affected, slowed down or blocked.​

Some of the main implemented features:

  • Instant running of tests and shell commands from the web application directly on the device with the possibility to see the results in real time.

  • Different types of statistics displayed in multiple dynamic and visual ways.

  • A complete user management system with different types of access roles and multiple layers of security.

  • The integration of multiple databases, servers and applications that are all linked together and work as an entire system.

  • Period running of different types of analysis on the devices based on a schedule created by the user.

  • Automatic updates within the software from the remote devices.

  • Multiple dynamic components created from scratch in order to fit the complexity and the performance requirements of the application.



A web application that works as a wrapper over the main used services for digital marketing (ex: Facebook, Google, Linkedin etc.). It’s goal was to provide a cross-platform possibility to build marketing campaigns and ads along multiple services at once.

Was built with a focus on bulk actions, optimized UX, and modern user interfaces.

Everything was done in order to provide all the needed tools for big marketing teams to work with.


Basically, it brings together under a web application all of the best marketing platforms and provides a complete but easy way to build marketing campaigns using cutting-edge tools and features.

It also has a built-in alert system that comes with a bunch of pre-implemented possibilities (it also allows you to create custom ones) to watch if the campaigns run correctly and at the desired standards.

For every ad you could set smart alerts and thresholds that would notify you about any problems so you can take action to fix, improve, or change the way a campaign runs in real time.

Some of the main implemented features:

  • Integration with Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc. APIs.

  • Real-time analysis data pulling displayed on the web application.

  • Advanced security layers for the application and for specific functionalities.

  • Aggregation-like system to trigger alerts based on templates built by users.

  • Campaign builder funnel built with dynamic data-driven forms and settings.



A place where you can simply find and reserve multiple types of sport fields.


Comes with a simple reservation funnel that allows you to check all the available places in real time, get notified in case a specific spot is now free, compare locations, see prices, and even pay online for any reservation directly from the mobile application or browser.

On the other side, it also provides multiple management features for the locations, fields, prices, employees, and much more.

Some of the main implemented features:

  • A complete management system for the sport bases and employment structure.

  • Real-time feature to see the spots available for reservation.

  • Lock system for a given location or field where a reservation was started on.

  • Online payment with multiple security layers, payment history, and refund possibility.



The project was based on Italy's tax system and way of billing the energy consumption.


It provided a simple way to calculate in real time or estimate the energy consumption cost for yourself.

It had a simple and user-friendly step through process that was easy to use by any kind of user and also provided different legal details based on multiple topics energy-related.

Some of the main implemented features:

  • A modern and simple-to-use user interface for a vast variety of users.

  • The tax calculation logic that is based on multiple legal and technical aspects.

  • Built-in history and archive features.

  • Validation system with thresholds, warnings, and errors related to the completed files and submitted details about the energy consumption.

  • Improvement suggestions for a lower carbon footprint and energy consumption.

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